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Exercise: how to keep your kids moovin and groovin - apply


One out of five American kids is obese and the information keep going up. Lack of assignment is one argue for the fatness contagion and it's a true endemic that threatens health. In fact, this may be the first age group of kids in account not to live longer than their parents as of obesity.

Kids can play beyond when the come through is good. What can they do when the climate is bad? Bring to bear is one way to combat the flabbiness endemic and these inside tricks wll keep your kids moovin' and groovin'. Your kids could:

- Walk up and down stairs 10 times in a row.

- Dance to music with their friends.

- Draw a hopscotch box with chalk on the garage floor and play with brothers, sisters, friends, even their parents.

- Walk every aisle in the grocery store.

- Jump rope in the garage.

- Ride a stationery bike if you have one.

- Go for an contained by walk at a mall. Your kids must go about twice if they can.

- Do jumping jacks in the basement.

- Develop into stretching champs. They could touch their toes devoid of bending their knees, bend one leg backwards and hold their foot with their hand, or twist from side to side not including affecting their feet.

- Play ping pong with the family.

- Ride a scooter or breaker blade in an empty garage.

- Take 1,000 steps classified the house and track these steps with a pedometer.

- Bring to bear in the drill gym on weekends. (Get agreement first. )

- Walk the inside skyway approach if your city or town has one.

These are just a few ideas. If you breakthrough with your kids you'll almost certainly come up with more. Your kids might want to start a Moovin' and Groovin' Club. Now that would be cool.

Copyright 2005 by Harriet Hodgson. To learn more about her work go to www. harriethodgson. com

Harriet Hodgson has been a true-life author for 26 years. Her contemporary work focuses on shape and she is a associate of the Alliance of Healh Care Journalists. She has in black and white two fitness books for kids in grades 3-5, Food Label Detective and Easily spread the Apply Thief. Both bustle books were available by Minnesota Health Connection Alliance. A affiliate of Mayo Clinic's Accomplishment on Chubbiness Task Force, Hodgson has accessible at two fatness summits and continues to write fitness assets for kids. Her 24th book, Smiling Because of Your Tears: Anticipating Grief, co-authored with Lois Krahn, MD, is free on amazon. com


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